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Extreme swim, underwear and fetish wear designs for daring men! Visit Koala to see the complete selection
Underwear sheer designs from around the world.

Mens swimwear

Male chastity
underwear sheer
designs has its roots in lingerie but has most men and women know they have moved on from sports into the realm of sexy men’s lingerie.

This is an exciting change.Men are starting to feel it and other men and women are completely into men being sexy. For years sexy lingerie was limited to women. Now there are amazing underwear sheer and sheer swimwear designs. Many of the underwear sheer designs can crossover and be used for swimwear. In turn most of the swimwear sheer designs are used by men as underwear too.

My favorite underwear sheer designs are all made of spandex Lycra. Many consider spandex Lycra to be the sexiest fabric on the planet. It absolutely molds to a mans body and the right underwear sheer designs will look like it is painted on you. Great designs in sexy wear show all the intimate details. The outline of your equipment, the shape of your rear and some get even more playful then that.

The underwear sheer designs we will look at today are from Koala and all designed by Michael David. Some of his intense designs can be found in modern art museums throughout Europe and are a major force in the fetish world.

Let’s run the scope of underwear sheer, swim and fetish wear that Koala offers. Starting at the most conservative styles they offer underwear sheer style bikinis. These bikinis would be considered extreme on their own compared to say Speedos or normal bikini underwear. These bikinis are designed to show all the curves and show your package off to perfection. Some of the bikini designs include shaft sleeves and adjustable rings that allow your pouch to look its fullest. From there Koala offers an amazing assortment of thong and g-string styled jockstrap underwear. There are the fetish style that include pouch shapes that are astronomically correct, these show every detail of everything and are beyond belief, so blow away in shape and function that once you try these you will never go back to normal underwear sheer.

There are so many other designs including sheer, anal plug and anal ball designs, ultra micro underwear sheer and more. Please visit www.koalaswim.com to see the entire line. It is guaranteed to get you hot! Underwear sheer designs have reached a whole new level of excitment with the onslot of sheer mens swimwear that has been showing up on the beaches of Europe and many oth the beaches in Los Angeles and Miami. These are completely sheer designs that are as sheer as underwear sheer designs being used on non nude beaches. All that I can say is wow! It's about time men pushed the limits of the rules. Men's bodies are a thing of beauty and that includes everypart of the body. Why not show it. Whether you are hung or very small it is so much fun to go out to the beach in sheer swimwear. I have tried it and even though I was nervous
I found it to be great fun. Lots of people were staring and taking photos and I met some European girls who loved my suit took pictures with me and then we went out to dinner. New friends from being a little brave.


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